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October Weekend

It's that time of year again...the time for those "three dimensional days" - bright yellow sunlight, clear blue skies, crisp air, colorful autumn leaves gently drifting down to the ground. Or, in the case of last week, after two windy days, cascading down from the trees. Yes, it's also the time for raking or mowing (as John prefers to do) those leaves. But before the mowing, one must pick up all the sticks and branches that have also come down. (This was always a favorite chore for the kids when they were young!) After a few breezy days last week, John got busy with gathering kindling for our fires this winter.


Then it was time to play. We had a visit from Barbara Touchette and Captain Richard Graffy, John's captain in the U.S. Navy forty years ago. On a gorgeous fall Saturday, we headed off Saturday morning for a fall drive. First stop, the Chester ferry with a view of Gilette's Castle.

Waiting for the ferry with Richard Graffy.


Gillette Castle

William Gillette was famous in the early 1900's for creating the Sherlock Holmes character on Broadway. He did well enough to build a residence overlooking the Connecticut River and even had to build a special "railroad" to get the materials up the hill to the building site. It's even more fun on the inside.


We then headed toward Old Lyme down Joshuatown Road, a gorgeous drive. We saw this stunning restored barn which turned out to be owned by the parents of one of my kids in school.



We also couldn't resist taking photos of the bucholic scene across the road.



At the Florence Griswold Museum, we couldn't identify this tree. A kind of "crabapple" perhaps?

It was back home for Richard's granddaughter Jamie's arrival, martinis and dinner.


Jay Blue loves guests, especially Jamie.

Jamie brought her dog, Whisper.

And Whisper loved Tucker.

John and Richard

We visit Joseph (neighbor) and his rebuilding wall project.


The guys


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FYI - The tree at the Griswold museum is a Kousa Dogwood.

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