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Election Day


What an exciting day! Why? Because the Democrats will gain seats in the House and Senate? Because the Republicans will hold them off? Neither...today is the day when all those outrageous, uninformative, nasty, negative ads will STOP! I can't wait! I've actually been thinking about running on the ticket "If You Haven't Got Anything Nice to Say..." (you know the rest.) I wonder how I'd do.....you're probably right...not well at all.

I did stop off at my local polls today and on an up note, it is truly a wonderous and exciting thing to watch people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexes entering and exiting the building, all on a equal level, to exercise their rights as Americans (almost said "God-Given" rights but, Lord, wouldn't want to offend anyone. Hmmm, how am I doing?).

Oh, well. Back to teaching where I do have an opportunity to exercise and teach the values of right and wrong, and to fill the kids in on how this country runs. And, was I surprised this morning when in my discussion of the purpose of the House of Representatives and the Senate one of my third graders stated, "My mom told me it's called 'something' and balances so that if George Bush does anything really stupid, the House or the Senate can say, "You can't do that." Hmmmm...out of the mouths... So today the kids know a little more than they did yesterday and tomorrow they'll get extra credit if they can tell me who won our more hotly contested races. Stay tuned.

Go vote today. Your "voice" does matter and who knows, your candidate just might make it to Washington (do we really want to do that to someone?).


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