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Christmas Family Party #1

So here we are...the countdown to the Christmas. I do love December for all that it offers, mostly time to get together with family. For the McCurdys it begins about two Sundays before Christmas. This originally was Baba's party which started off in her apartment in Scarsdale and then when it got a little too overwelming for her, moved to Wingedfoot or Larchmont Yacht Club. This is the second party without her but thanks to Kathy 1who brought a photograph, she and Joe McCurdy Sr., were with us in spirit.

Looking at the photos, I can't help but think back over the past 30 years (when I first joined the McCurdy family) and I look at those of us who attended Sunday, think about those who were missing (Marty, Warren, Elliot, John, Erin, Christy, Bruce, Matt, Courtney, and Brian), and I
think about how fortunate I am.

The ladies looked lovely!
Sue, Sophia, Julie, Barb, Kathy, Kathy, Chrissy, Heather

And the guys gorgeous!
Mike, FJ, Patrick, Joe, F, John and Joe

(By the way, there will NOT be a repeat of "elders" chairs for next year!)

They say Christmas is for kids and it's true. While the "grown-ups" had fun with our Yankee Swap, it was more fun to see Sophia's reaction to her new friend. She loved her Ruff-Ruff.


It was a glorious day, as it always is when we visit Larchmont Yacht Club, and how lucky we are to have such a special place. We had a great time.


Now it's on the the Thompson Christmas this Sunday!!! And who knows, we just might get a visit from "you know who."



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