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January 7, 2007



It is Sunday morning.....I am sitting on the couch, a cup of my favorite Bon Jour (a chicory flavored coffeelike beverage Julia brings me from France) in hand, watching Charles Osgood and "Sunday Morning" on CBS. They note the death of Vincent Sardi and I think of past visits to the famous restaurant in the heart of the theater district (and of the canelloni I always ordered). Occasionally I look out the new French doors at the pond and the various waterfowl gliding by. Sunlight fills the room, and it promises to be another glorious day at Thirsty Boots Farm (yesterday was 65 and today the weatherman promises 55). Life can't get much better than this, I think, but it did.

I received a phone call from a friend.

I begin with a history of our relationship. John and I met this couple through mutual friends years ago when we lived in Madison. We would see them at parties given our friends. Then a few years ago, we reconnected when we were all members at a small yacht club in Essex. The husband helped John who was then chair of the House Committee (supreme fixer-upper). We began to see more of them and discovered two truly wonderful people - humorous, kind, considerate, sensible. In them we discovered admirable strength, optimism and a sharing of same values. In short, friends with whom we enjoy spending time.

We saw them over Chirstmas. Knowing their love of Scotland, we wanted them to meet Julia and we invited them to the party we threw for her and all the friends she's met over the last 18 years she's been coming to Thirsty Boots. A great time was had by all.

So back to this morning. I'm not a phone person. I'll use it to convey a message or information but generally I am not a chatter. And yet this morning, I found myself enjoying a long conversation. After 15 minutes, we promised to call each other about a dinner date in a couple of weeks (after checking husbands' schedules).

I sit here now thinking about good friends...people you like and who, in turn, like you and how a simple call set the tone for my day. Little did she know what her call would do.

So thank you, friend. Time to pay it forward.

P.S. As I hung up, I received yet another phone call from a brother. I find I now have a bet on the Jets/Patriots playoff game this afternoon (what happens when you live halfway between New York and Boston). At 4:00, it's on the the more serious game and time to root for the Giants!

January 2007

Beautiful days lend themselves to picture taking in order to capture the moments. The photos never compare to the real thing but enjoy.

At 7 a.m. the moon sets in the west...



as the sun rises in the east. You can just seen the early-rising geese in the lower left


The chickens don't seem to mind the dark.


No.......there was no fog that morning. Just a curious horse with his nose and hot breath on the camera!


Here's how it was supposed to look.


Off to school with a look back at the house with the setting moon.


On a gloriously warm weekend for January, everyone is out.



Even the skunk cabbage!


January 12, 2007


Forget Calgon! Just get me the quickest Delta flight and take me away. Heather is in Florida and is driving me crazy with her photos of where I would really like to be. Not that I don't love my little kiddos, but really....can anything compare with this? (taken, I believe, during cocktails on the beach)

So let's just get it out of the way...Yes, I am jealous!

She and George are off the Key West today, January 12.

January 22, 2007

Connecticut Blues

Hey, Florida's not the only state with the "blues." Connecticut has its fair share, too......so, watch out Sunshine State. Here they come . (Don't get jealous now, Heather.)

We've got blue fish, too...

and blue water that, as you can see, lots of people are enjoying...

People love the color blue for their clothing up here....

Popular color in class...

stunning in all shades....

It is popular on the playground...

on the basketball court (that boy in black wishes he had a blue jacket) ...

and in the playhouse (don't bother looking at that hot pink; check out the cool blue)

Our blue hats are popular with polar bears (top that one)...

and our dragons like to lie on a field of blue (betcha you don't have them either)...

Even watercolor students like working with blues...

You can't deny that snow looks much better against a blue background...

Ahhhh, cool blues......

In fact blue is so popular in CT, even our vacuum cleaners are blue!

And check out this hot little number!

And our school sign...what color did we choose to do it in....yep, blue. It stands out so well against the grey sky.

Yes, eat your heart out....we have our own Connecticut blues. The only picture I have yet to show you is our beautiful blue Connecticut sky.......which I'll send to you in 5 days, when we see it.

January 26, 2007

4 Degrees

So, winter has finally arrived at Thirsty Boots. The thermometer outside is reading four degrees while the weatherman on t.v. is talking about windchills of 15 below.

We've had it easy here so far this winter, resulting in some confusion for plants and animals. Ticks are still piggybacking on the dogs, the daffodils in some areas have thrust up a spoke or two, some chickens have put off their usual October molting until now (boy, are they sorry) and the swans are still on the pond. They, however, are now reduced to one small area that remains open.


I don't expect them to last such longer. When the entire pond freezes over, they will head out to find open water, only to return in the spring to nest and raise their brood.

I have to admit, this morning was a little tough for many of us. The chickens were reluctant to come out of the coop, except for the "bottom of the totem pole" rooster who resides in the barn.


The horses have their blankets.


Poor Sweetie, the barn cat, took some extra time to appear out of her hay bed for her morning feeding,


and I, after several minutes of trying to open a grain bag with fingers that inceasingly refused to work, gave up to escape back to the warmth of the house and the frosty news from the weatherman.

And speaking of frosty news, I must be turning into a crab in my old age. I've started along the "In my day........." path. I am astonished at local schools who have canceled school today because of the cold. Honestly, each year we are becoming increasingly wimpy. In my day, school was only canceled for blizzards. You might ask residents of North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota or Buffalo when they cancel school. They drive in two feet of snow and more!

Oh well.....off to school for me (we did not cancel). Two bright spots to keep me warm today...Julie and her friend Alison are off to Florida to meet Heather and George and that means more blog photos through which I can live vicariously....and then this afternoon the third graders are hosting a Tea for their mothers, complete with tea sandwiches, lemon tea bread, petit fours, cookies, sugar cubes and siver tongs. Only thing missing.....bone china!

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....can smell the Earl Grey now.

Bad Grammar Drives Me Mad

Doesn't improper English drive you crazy?

I know a lot has been written about improper grammar on tv in both programming and commercials. There are "watchdogs" who keep track of it and complain to someone or somewhere, however it doesn't make any difference. Nothing changes. Ad companies are more into selling thier products and grabbing your attention to get their message across than they are teaching grammar, but when people who should know better mutilate the English language, I want to scream.

Tonight I heard a promo for "60 Minutes," the Sunday evening news program on CBS. Morley Safer was talking about his upcoming interview and stated that he had never met anyone "as brilliant as him." As "him?" Morley Safer!? As Charlie Brown would say, "Argh!"

So here it is...For those of you who don't know the trick for choosing the correct pronoun (and Mr. Safer, I hope you are reading this), just complete the sentence with the verb that would come after the pronoun. For example, you would say, "I don't know anyone as brilliant as he is," not "as brilliant as him is."

And for that, I thank my mom.....and hopefully, all my little third graders, to whom I pass along this little trick, will one day thank me also.

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