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4 Degrees

So, winter has finally arrived at Thirsty Boots. The thermometer outside is reading four degrees while the weatherman on t.v. is talking about windchills of 15 below.

We've had it easy here so far this winter, resulting in some confusion for plants and animals. Ticks are still piggybacking on the dogs, the daffodils in some areas have thrust up a spoke or two, some chickens have put off their usual October molting until now (boy, are they sorry) and the swans are still on the pond. They, however, are now reduced to one small area that remains open.


I don't expect them to last such longer. When the entire pond freezes over, they will head out to find open water, only to return in the spring to nest and raise their brood.

I have to admit, this morning was a little tough for many of us. The chickens were reluctant to come out of the coop, except for the "bottom of the totem pole" rooster who resides in the barn.


The horses have their blankets.


Poor Sweetie, the barn cat, took some extra time to appear out of her hay bed for her morning feeding,


and I, after several minutes of trying to open a grain bag with fingers that inceasingly refused to work, gave up to escape back to the warmth of the house and the frosty news from the weatherman.

And speaking of frosty news, I must be turning into a crab in my old age. I've started along the "In my day........." path. I am astonished at local schools who have canceled school today because of the cold. Honestly, each year we are becoming increasingly wimpy. In my day, school was only canceled for blizzards. You might ask residents of North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota or Buffalo when they cancel school. They drive in two feet of snow and more!

Oh well.....off to school for me (we did not cancel). Two bright spots to keep me warm today...Julie and her friend Alison are off to Florida to meet Heather and George and that means more blog photos through which I can live vicariously....and then this afternoon the third graders are hosting a Tea for their mothers, complete with tea sandwiches, lemon tea bread, petit fours, cookies, sugar cubes and siver tongs. Only thing missing.....bone china!

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....can smell the Earl Grey now.


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