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Bad Grammar Drives Me Mad

Doesn't improper English drive you crazy?

I know a lot has been written about improper grammar on tv in both programming and commercials. There are "watchdogs" who keep track of it and complain to someone or somewhere, however it doesn't make any difference. Nothing changes. Ad companies are more into selling thier products and grabbing your attention to get their message across than they are teaching grammar, but when people who should know better mutilate the English language, I want to scream.

Tonight I heard a promo for "60 Minutes," the Sunday evening news program on CBS. Morley Safer was talking about his upcoming interview and stated that he had never met anyone "as brilliant as him." As "him?" Morley Safer!? As Charlie Brown would say, "Argh!"

So here it is...For those of you who don't know the trick for choosing the correct pronoun (and Mr. Safer, I hope you are reading this), just complete the sentence with the verb that would come after the pronoun. For example, you would say, "I don't know anyone as brilliant as he is," not "as brilliant as him is."

And for that, I thank my mom.....and hopefully, all my little third graders, to whom I pass along this little trick, will one day thank me also.


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