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Connecticut Blues

Hey, Florida's not the only state with the "blues." Connecticut has its fair share, too......so, watch out Sunshine State. Here they come . (Don't get jealous now, Heather.)

We've got blue fish, too...

and blue water that, as you can see, lots of people are enjoying...

People love the color blue for their clothing up here....

Popular color in class...

stunning in all shades....

It is popular on the playground...

on the basketball court (that boy in black wishes he had a blue jacket) ...

and in the playhouse (don't bother looking at that hot pink; check out the cool blue)

Our blue hats are popular with polar bears (top that one)...

and our dragons like to lie on a field of blue (betcha you don't have them either)...

Even watercolor students like working with blues...

You can't deny that snow looks much better against a blue background...

Ahhhh, cool blues......

In fact blue is so popular in CT, even our vacuum cleaners are blue!

And check out this hot little number!

And our school sign...what color did we choose to do it in....yep, blue. It stands out so well against the grey sky.

Yes, eat your heart out....we have our own Connecticut blues. The only picture I have yet to show you is our beautiful blue Connecticut sky.......which I'll send to you in 5 days, when we see it.

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Hee Hee! Very nice. Seeing the snow makes me feel, um, well... a little bit... ah... well it looks kinda nice. If only it could snow when it wasn't so darn cold. But I guess there are times when it snows and the cold isn't so bad, like in the book Owl Moon. It's nice to walk around outside on a chilly night in the snow. sigh... SNAP! ok i've snapped out of that one! back to beautiful sunny hot key west! whew! i'll have enough snow and cold when we get back in march.

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