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Flooding and Ice at Thirsty Boots Farm

Well, I hear it's going to be 50 degrees today and that is a good thing. It will melt all the ice. Hmmm....maybe not such a good thing. That will create more water and we have enough of that right now.

The rain was unrelenting yesterday and when the area of the school playing field that always creates a puddle in heavy rain looked more like a lake, I began to be concerned about what I'd find at home. With good reason....I got home to the humming noise of John and the water vac in the basement. The frozen ground and the volume of rain was too much for the ground to handle and so for the second time in the 22 years we've been in the house, the basement floor was covered with a quarter of an inch of water. In the middle of vacuuming, Heather arrived, back from her trip to Florida. "Welcome home, Heather....here take these buckets outside and dump the water."

So we ended up here at the farm with too much water and over night, it all froze. Here are some early morning (6:30 a.m.) shots.

Sunrise at Thirsty Boots Farm

Flooded and frozen Field 1

Point covered with water and ice


Flooding in the woods. The trees should not be standing in water.

Trees surrounded by the pond

Yesterday the water was over the top of the wall.

Ice can be pretty.

On the fences

The orchard trees await their pruning.

Water flowing out of the pond...

...and flooding the woods behind Mr. Wells' house.

He was with me as I watched and listened to the roaring waters.




More dumpster diving for the kids!

Beautiful wall work behind Tom Wells' house

He would approve.

Last look back at the water rushing through the woods.

In the spring Tom and I used to sit on his lawn overlooking the woods, listening to the rush of the spring thaw waters and drinking our tea.

Today I feel the hope of spring. Bring it on.


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