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Week Two of My Vacation

As vacation comes to a close and I begin to think about getting back to school tomorrow, it's a time to reflect on what I accomplished.....no deep tan, no sand between the pages of the books I read, no weight gain from the multiple Pain Killers I consumed reading the non-existent book on the non-existent beach (perhaps I'll leave all that for next year), but I still had fun.

There was time to relax with friends. My friend Wendy and I used our Christmas gifts from a parent and went to the Norwich Inn for a relaxing day at the spa, complete with facial and massage. Sorry, no pictures of us in our terrycloth bathrobes!

There was no vacation from strength training classes however. For over a year now I have been going twice a week to fend off the encroaching aches and pains that seem to come with age (and I can't believe I am beginning to talk like this). One of the members of my class is about to move to Florida so natually that meant a party! Here we are last week at our first get-together. Yes, I said "first." We've already made plans for a May Mojito party (you never know how long it might take to sell a house!).

Linda, Julie's former piano teacher; neighbor Laura; Barb who is moving; and trianer Joey


Next there was duck watching....yes, duck watching. Here are three Wood Ducks, who are suppose to be very shy, walking in front of the den window. Lots is going on at the pond now. The swans are back, as are the Canada Geese, and lots of other ducks have come to nest. Hopefully the next thing I will experience is the sound of the spring peepers. The end of March is when I should hear them. Stay tuned. Any bets on which day this week?



When the weather warms up, the chickens like roaming about also.


As if it weren't warm enough, Roadrunner chose to sit on the manure pile.

Rescued rooster from the woods behind school. Someone dumped him there in the fall. Now I'm up to five!

My favorite hen

Saturday's warm weather also got John and me outside to start tidying up the yard. Now that we have the pergola (thanks to Julie who designed it and Derek who built it), there was Auntie Kay's wisteria to be tamed.


After (yes, it's still there)

I also prepared a bed in front of the pergola for the fragrant peonies that will be planted in the fall (hate to wait that long). The hen came looking for worms.

Pruning the wisteria led to pruning the climbing roses on the cottage. But the southside of the cottage just looked terrible and so that led to the scraping and painting of the south side of the cottage. No, I am not kidding.....there is something that happens when the weather warms up. One project just seems to lead to another and then another. While we had no intention of painting the cottage, within two hours one side was scraped and painted with two coats.

Painted wall

Then of course there was the orchard to prune.


Last fall I planted 700 daffodil bulbs under the fruit trees in the orchard. This is the before picture and in a few weeks, I hope to show you a much different sight!

Keep your eyes on the grass

So vacation is coming to an end. Tonight is our last last gasp. Friends are coming over for dessert and to watch "Planet Earth" on the Discovery Channel.

Tomorrow it's back to work. I can't complain.


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