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April 2, 2007


Life can be funny sometimes. Every once and a while something happens that causes you to stop and think about "who" is moving the "chess pieces of life" around.

This is our friend Mike Vujnovich who lives in Northern Wisconsin. He and John got to know each other years ago when John had the Ascom Hasler account (postage meters) and is a close friend. Mike visited us in Connecticut this past Thursday and Friday and we had a great time.


Mike shared with us that after leaving Thirsty Boots Farm, he was going to head for NYC where he was to visit a new acquaintance whom he found to be quite remarkable. Her name is Editta Sherman but she is also known as "The Duchess of Carnagie Hall" and "Photographer to the Stars." She lives in an apartment/studio over Carnagie Hall and has taken photographs of Bela Lugosi, Charles Boyer, Andy Warhol, Marlon Brando, Noel Coward, Henry Fonda, Elvis Presley, Anthony Quinn, and Leopold Stokowski, just to name a few. Now you note that they are all dead but she clearly is not. She is 94 years old and sharp as a tack. (Proof of that will come in a bit.)

We were enthralled with Mike's story about her and but more amazing was what Mike discovered in our cottage that night after we went to bed. Noting the photographs of my parents and grandparents on the wall, he went to get a closer look and ........yep, right there under the large photograph of my grandmother was Editta Sherman's signature. This called for a phone call the next day and so on our way to dinner, I "met" Editta by phone. We related the story of such an extraordinary coincidence to her, gave her my grandmother's name and Editta proceeded to describe the photograph to us - "Yes, I remember. Her hands were in the picture with large rings on her fingers and bracelets around her wrists. She had her white hair pulled back." To use one of Julia Scott-Barrett's favorite phrases, I was "gobsmacked." How could a 94 year-old woman describe so acurately a photograph taken 50-60 years ago? And of a person who was not a famous celebrity. Take a look...

An accurate description, I'd say.

Even more incredible, she went on to tell me she thought she had taken a photograph of my grandfather. Sure enough, when Mike got to NYC on Saturday, he called from Editta's studio and apartment to tell us he was sitting there with her looking a 1945 photograph she had taken of my grandfather apparently for a magazine cover.

It was an extraordinary turn of events. One day I hope to meet her to hear if she has anymore remembrances of that time when she met and took photos of my grandparents.

April 27, 2007

Summer Is a Comin' In

Things have been somewhat quiet here at Thirsty Boots because of the lousy weather and I realize I've been lax with my entries. Last weekend we finally got a break and were able to get outside and pretend that summer is "just around the corner." Here is a before and after photo of the pool deck - you know, the place where we all loll about, get warm and then plunge into the pool! It will look even better when the leaves are on the trees. We worked our tails off last weekend and we are all set up for summer. You're all invited. Come on by.



April 30, 2007

It Was a Great Ride

Sunday, April 29, I said good-bye to a dear friend. At the age of 33, it became necessary to lead Aggie out to the back field for the final time. We were fortunate enough to have these photos taken a few hours before she died.

The two grey-haired ladies

Leading her into the barn for a last grooming

My sweet girl...still so beautiful

Aggie arrived at Thirsty Boots in 1986, the year after we moved here. She was half Arab/half Morgan and was the best ride I've every had. The Arab in her gave her a spring and floating quality to her gaits. She loved trail rides and under saddle became almost regal. She drew a lot of attention in the park and made me feel like a true equestrian. I will never have another horse quite like her.

These photos from the last 21 years show some of the great times.

Geoff Hart led us to Aggie and insisted I buy her even thought she was as skittish as could be. I also had no interest in a white horse and a mare to boot!

But I trusted Geoff, bought her and she stayed. Thank goodness. Here she is on her first day checking out her surroundings.

Aggie was not only beautiful but was a wonderful ride.

Julie loved her also. L to R: Chocolate Bars and I, Rebel and Sarah Dodson, Julie and Aggie, Nancy Dodson and Sailor

Even Julia got to ride her one year she was here.

A favorite photo of her.

Aggie passed away in loving hands, Frank's (the vet who loved her from the first day he saw her), John's, and mine but her memory will never fade from our thoughts. She is buried in field three. We have placed a sitting rock on her grave.

This is how I will remember her....the curious horse who stood in the runway gazing toward the house to see what was going on.

In fact.....she is there still.


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