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May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It's 10:30 on a Sunday morning just hours before my Mother's Day lunch. I should be doing my reports for school but in my true procrastinating fashion I have chosen to put down some thoughts instead.

Mother's Day.......my own mother disliked it. She said it was created by the card companies to make money and that mothers ought to be appreciated more often than just one day of the year. She was right, of course. So I think of her now. I wish that I could remember all the motherly touches, hugs and kisses she gave me, but at age 58 one's memory isn't always accomodating. I wish also that at age 58 she were here so I could talk to her as one mother to another but then that means she would be 91 and the conversation might not go as I've imagined it would. And so I turn my thoughts to my children.

My three children......how I have been blessed. When I was a little girl (very small), my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told her a "mother and a cooker." Those passions never waivered; I wasn't derailed by Gloria Steinem and now as I sit and think, I can say with some pride and joy, "I did it." (And, of course, in a different fashion, continue to do it.) I have three wonderful children who give me enormous joy. My mother also said that having children was a good thing because it made you think of others rather than just yourself. Well, I know what she was trying to say. Having the kids has given me the opportunity to extend myself and give of myself more than I thought possible and that too has given me great joy and happiness. Before I get too schmaltzy....another friend once sent me a sign that still hangs in my kitchen today that says, "Having kids is like being pecked to death by chickens." Thank you, Glenn, for keeping me grounded!

This year one of my children wrote, "Thanks for being such a great mom. You always put us kids first...." I had to stop and think about that and I decided, "I guess that's right," but it's what all mothers do really, or at least want to do. For that, I have to thank John. There were many, many times he had to take a back seat.

So Happy Mother's Day to all.
Happy Mother's Day, John.
Happy Mother's Day, Julie, Patrick and Heather.
Happy Mother's Day, Baba.

And Happy Mother's Day, Mummy.


Spring Is Finally Here!

You know that spring has finally arrived when Tucker gets his haircut!


What a handsome boy!


May 24, 2007

New Shrubs!

Now a lot of you could care less what the front of my house looks like but after waiting a year, I'm thrilled! Still searching for two "hard-to-find" plants but for now, "Thank you, Alison and Michelle!"








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