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Take Me to the River

Coming home from a vacation is supposed to be a welcoming thing...as you get closer, you begin to let go of where you've been and what you've done and look forward to getting back to normal. While, you may have enjoyed the time away from home, you begin to look forward to getting into your own bed, seeing familiar surroundings, and tackling responsibilities with renewed vigor.

Forget it. Not this time.

End-of-trip depression set in as our boats turned the corner and entered the confluence of the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon rivers where we could see civilization - boats being removed, other rafters, vehicles other than rafts and duckies, and our bus waiting to take us to the airport. The realization set in we had to say good-bye to our guides, a great group of guys whom we lived and connected with during the week. All the fantastic scenery, fishing, eating, drinking and comradarie was done. It was a quiet ride to the airport and to the plane that would fly us back to Boise. All the way home we recounted the stories of what made the trip so great. And here it is five days after we arrived home and I am just beginning to ease out of my post-river funk. Working for several days on the photos of the trip hasn't helped.

It also didn't help that I came home to a sick dog, a whopping bill and perhaps some serious decision making in her regard. I have also heard of cats and dogs being peeved when owners leave them and doing nasty things, but a chicken? Today as I fed the gals, the rooster clocked the back of my leg with his spur when my back turned! (I clocked him back.) Now besides having a sprained wrist (war wound from the trip), I'm hobbling around on a sore leg.

There used to be a saying to cope with such events (taken from a an old commercial for Calgon bubble bath), "Calgon, take me away!" However, now my mantra will be, to borrow from Bert and John Jacobs of Life is Good t-shirts fame, "Take me to the river!"

All of this to tell you, the blog about our trip is coming. It was the most extraordinary week in many ways, the best trip we, as a family, have taken. We all loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. So hang on....I'm working on the blog (as are the girls). If you haven't received my Kodak Gallery photo album, email me and I'll send it along as I can't post 500 and some photos on this blog!

How's this for a teaser.......



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