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The Games People Play

(Thanks to Heather for many of these photos)

Day 2 we awoke to hot coffee, fruit and granola for early risers and the Flahertys' "coffeemate" at the end of the table,

bright sun on the river,

Idaho%21%20043.jpgearly morning mist,

Tim Flaherty chipping in and making pancakes for the 8:00 breakfast,

and the pirate flag. The pirate flag? How did that happen?



Well it seems every year, this is the little game the guides play with one and other. One outfitter has the flag, another steals it. Guy had even encouraged us the night before to get involved. As the summer goes on, the game intensifies. And so, Pat (the guide) hiked over to the rival camp in the middle of the night and pinched the flag.

Chewy from the other camp was not happy....

Perhaps due to Heather running along the bank, waving the flag and taunting, "We've got your flag. Whatcha gonna do about it?" as they were all sitting and having their breakfast.

Rubbing it in further as they sailed by us later probably wasn't a good idea either.

And so the flag adventure begins. I must admit, we flew it proudly that day.




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