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We're Off!


The time is finally here!

A year ago I went ahead and booked a trip I have been dreaming of ever since I read an 1988 article in Gourmet Magazine - white water rafting down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, which happens to be one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the U.S. (and when I say pristine I mean that nothing goes in without coming out...nothing). After booking the trip, I got so excited....and then realized I had to wait a year for the trip! Well, we are here.

We fly into Boise Saturday, July 7 where we will overnight in a hotel, have our orientation, and meet others who are going on the trip. Then Sunday we fly into the wilderness and board the rafts. Our group will be made up of approximately 24 people plus the guides. I believe the rafts take 8 people. You can also elect to "float" down river in an inflatable one- or two-person kyack. Harry Karn and his friend Sandy will be joining John, Julie, Patrick Heather and me.

For the next 6 days the schedule will be coffee and a pastry (I believe) for we early risers, breakfast at 8:00, pack up our sleeping gear, shove off at 10:00, midday lunch (already set up when we stop), more rafting down river in the afternoon, stopping late afternoon where we will find our tents set up, drinks, dinner and perhaps a game of Beruit?? And don't forget... there will be hiking and fishing in between.

Yesterday our wonderful friend, John MacArthur, came and matched up rods and reels for me and so we're set with two fly rods and one spinning rod. This area is a catch and release area so we also won't be consuming what we catch (if we catch)! Today Julie and I had a stressful moment when we realized the airlines probably would fail us whether we checked or rods or took them as carry-on (if we we allowed) and so decided to UPS them (made a verb out of a proper noun) out to Idaho to ensure they got there in one piece. Sad commentary on the airlines but I have to tell you...they are my only worry about this trip.

We have been packed and ready to go for two days and this short wait has almost been worse than the year-long wait since I made the reservation. Everyone is excited about the trip. I have to say, I am looking forward to being together as a family as it will probably be one of the last times we take a "family" trip without wives and grandchildren.

Look for my post-trip entry around July 17! Hopefully you will see photos more spectacular than these (taken last year when Julie through Idaho and discovered the mouth of the Salmon):





(cold water)

and not this.....


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