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August 2, 2007

Day 5

We awoke to a very warm day and these sleeping beauties. Clearly Heather was tired from her marauding activities on the rival camp the night before.


Since this was our last full day, Heather decided to try her wetsuit.

While waiting for the boats to be packed...

Heather had a visitor on her water bottle.


Ah...another dull day of beautiful scenery...





and fishing (Amanda enjoys the water).

Kacey reads a pirate story written by a former young guest.



The afternoon brought more rapids...



but it was the evening campsite that brought more excitment.

Hot showers

A micro burst flattens our tent and tries to carry it away. (photo by Heather)

Amanda and Cristina do their magic so Julie's doesn't blow away! (photo by Heather)

Harry secures the tables

I get my sore paw attended to by Guy and Tim.

There were backrubs..


but the highlights were the fashion show...

(photo by Julie)

and the drinking games. (photo by Heather)


The following action compliments of Julie:

And we certainly didn't want to leave any leftover wine!

After a fantastic meal of prime rib and smores cake, it was off to bed for some and star gazing for others.

Heather demonstrated our new toy, Sky Scout, for Bobby. "Try it. Point to any star, hit the button and Sky Scout will tell you all about the star." Bobby pointed to a star and hit the constellation Eridanus or The River. And the star he pointed at? Achernar, "the end of the river".

It was a mystical moment as the next day we would get to the end of our river where the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon meet.

August 6, 2007

Thank You, Margo!

On our first night on the river, Margot Flaherty, had us play a game at the dinner table - Best Thing, Worst Thing. We went around the table and each person told what the best and worst part of his/her day was. On our last night in Boise, the McCurdys and Harry and Sandy ate at Angel's, the restaurant where Margot and Tim had their wedding reception. I modified the game a bit, asking everyone what the best thing about the trip was.

Julie enjoyed catching her first trout ever (on the first day fishing); for Patrick, it was the beautiful surroundings while fishing, stating it really didn't matter if he caught a fish or not; Heather loved the encouragement and support of everyone in regard to her duckying (especially through the more challenging rapids); John enjoyed being in the ducky and having Patrick ram him to get him off of the shallows; for Sandy it was her first cups of coffee in the morning and our smiling faces; and for Kathy it was the connection to and memories of her dad, a fly fisherman himself. Sorry Harry, email me yours!

So thank you, Margot, for a good game, your fun spirit on the trip, and for arranging for our great dinner. I dedicate this last blog entry to you.

Group photo

So long to the guides

Last campsite

Last ride with Bobby

Last sister float

Last fish

Last looks




Last smiles

Last rapids

Last thoughts

Last lunch site

Last surf

Looking back at the lunch site.

Our wonderful river -looking down

Looking back - last look (photo by Heather)

Arriving at the confluence with the main Salmon River

It was hard to say "Good-bye"

(photo by Julie)

Our bus

Our plane

This entry finally ends the record of a trip that was life-changing for all of us. We were reluctant to let it go and perhaps that is why it's taken almost a month to complete these blog entries. We will remember it always and hope to return.


Any takers?

August 7, 2007

Happy McCurdys!

Twenty-seven years ago, John and I were thrilled with this little boy...


but now we are even more thrilled....


Patrick and Christine Cinella are engaged and the McCurdys could not be happier.

Here they are at weddings of friends...


We'll be looking forward to their own wedding photos.

August 9, 2007

Trust Your Gut

Why don't I follow my own advice? I tell my third graders to do this all the time when it comes to taking a risk in class or having to answer a question on a quiz. So what was I thinking last month?

On the second to last day in Idaho, while on the river, I slipped on some slick rocks in the Middle Fork. I reached for a line on the raft to break my fall. It didn't, and as I continued on down into the water, my wrist got bent backwards and I heard a crackle (clue 1). "Ouch!" and "Damn!" I thought. Then, not wanting to make a big deal about it, was helped up by Tony and got back into the raft. There was a moment when I felt that hot rush that leads to a fainting spell and I remember wondering if I would have such a feeling for a mere sprain (clue 2). Guide, Guy, and Tim Flaherty who's an EMT, immobilzed my hand when I got to camp and though uncomfortable, I made it home and went to our local clinic on Sunday.

And here's perhaps where I should have been more insistent. The clinic took x-rays but only two and I thought they missed an angle that might have shown the affected area better. I did not say anything. As weeks went on and the discomfort didn't seem to diminish (daily clues), I didn't listen to my gut and go back to the doctor. Because the clinic told me it was a sprain and that I should use it to the extent that I could, I did. Not a good idea and while I wasn't stupid enough to overdo it, I'm sure that didn't help the mending process.

This week, almost four weeks after my fall, I went to the doctor to discover my wrist had indeed been broken. And so I'm in a brace since it's too late to cast it now. And I'm still having to put up with the discomfort (buy stock in Advil).

What did I learn? My gut was right. Next time, I'm going to be more outspoken.

Thank you Guy and Tim for taking care of the "sore paw."

August 21, 2007

Last Days of Summer

As summer marches on and I continue to avoid thinking about school, here at Thirsty Boots, I'm squeezing out every last bit of fun.

John and I took a couple of days and went to Cape Cod to visit Joan McDermott who spoiled us. It was a great visit.

The horses took advantage of an early fall-like day to soak up the sun.

Alex Nagy and Rhodes Ponser came up with Patrick for the Thirsty Boots party. The flamingo looks lovely, Rhodes!

And I enjoyed a visit from my 3 favorite great-nieces and their mom, Marnie.

Sigh...it's the end of August. Two weeks of summer left. It's been a great one...so far! Still have a few days left!

August 26, 2007

Extending the Family!

John and I continue to wring out the very best moments of our summer! This weekend we traveled to Lee, Massachusetts to meet Christine Cinella's parents (Diane and Tom) and to share in the joy of our kids' engagement. We met them at their house on Main Street along with Chrissy's sister-in-law, her two children and a family friend. After a celebratory bottle of Veuve Cliquot, we went to dinner....


and then it was off to the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood.



Could a weekend get any better? Yes....

Chrissy and Patrick took us to a couple of possible reception sites.


Diane incredibly walked right along with us, less than 2 weeks after knee replacement surgery!


We tried to identify this huge tree on the grounds of Tanglewood. I think it's a Black Locust.

Seiji Ozawa concert hall

Pat looking over the Stockbrige Bowl from the Saranac Inn.

A visit to the Red Lion Inn...

and photos on the historic porch.

It was a great visit and we returned home to another celebratory bottle of the "Widow" and a lobster dinner. Heather came to share in the celebration...

as did Julie on Sunday morning.

There is much joy in the McCurdy house as we hear Chrissy and Patrick's thoughts and plans for their wedding. It will be an exciting year for all of us but mostly for them.


Enjoy every moment, you two!

August 29, 2007

School Days

It's the Wednesday before Labor Day and for most kids in the U.S. that means back to school. I always thought that was wildly unfair and actually still do. If you were in public school, you were doomed; in private school....you were spared. To me, summer means June, July and August...all of August. School should formally begin after Labor Day, the day of last barbeques, parties, and pool time.

Well, here we are...the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend and the t.v. is flooded with reminders to drive carefully. So, I shall do the same....if you live and drive out here in the country, watch out for all those little pumpkins standing at their bus stops.

Kids like these....

and even little rabbits...

are precious. So drive carefully and "watch that child."

As for me, it's back to school next Wednesday, September 5th. And maybe...maybe we'll cover the pool the weekend after!

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