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Trust Your Gut

Why don't I follow my own advice? I tell my third graders to do this all the time when it comes to taking a risk in class or having to answer a question on a quiz. So what was I thinking last month?

On the second to last day in Idaho, while on the river, I slipped on some slick rocks in the Middle Fork. I reached for a line on the raft to break my fall. It didn't, and as I continued on down into the water, my wrist got bent backwards and I heard a crackle (clue 1). "Ouch!" and "Damn!" I thought. Then, not wanting to make a big deal about it, was helped up by Tony and got back into the raft. There was a moment when I felt that hot rush that leads to a fainting spell and I remember wondering if I would have such a feeling for a mere sprain (clue 2). Guide, Guy, and Tim Flaherty who's an EMT, immobilzed my hand when I got to camp and though uncomfortable, I made it home and went to our local clinic on Sunday.

And here's perhaps where I should have been more insistent. The clinic took x-rays but only two and I thought they missed an angle that might have shown the affected area better. I did not say anything. As weeks went on and the discomfort didn't seem to diminish (daily clues), I didn't listen to my gut and go back to the doctor. Because the clinic told me it was a sprain and that I should use it to the extent that I could, I did. Not a good idea and while I wasn't stupid enough to overdo it, I'm sure that didn't help the mending process.

This week, almost four weeks after my fall, I went to the doctor to discover my wrist had indeed been broken. And so I'm in a brace since it's too late to cast it now. And I'm still having to put up with the discomfort (buy stock in Advil).

What did I learn? My gut was right. Next time, I'm going to be more outspoken.

Thank you Guy and Tim for taking care of the "sore paw."


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