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Skip the Curriculum

There are some days at school you just can't prepare for and today was one of them. While introducing the spelling books to the third grarders, one student looked out the window and said, "There's a hawk on the ground!" Well, you know what happens after such an announcement....the entire class runs over to the window and whatever you were talking about is completely forgotten.

Sure enough, there on the lawn next to the gym was a hawk. I grabbed my camera (which is always with me), told the kids to watch from the window, and went out to get a photo. Before I got there, other students had spotted it and in their excitment had rushed closer to get a look and scared the hawk off the ground to its new perch on the corner of the library.



I took some photos and then motioned to the kids to quietly come outside so they could share in the joy of watching this wonderful bird. Without a word, they filed out of the room and joined me and we watched this bird of prey watch us. When I tried to get a closer photo after about 5 minutes, s/he decided s/he had been patient enough and flew to the corner of our third grade building.

On top of third grade

just visible at the corner of the building behind the kids.

As more kids came out of their classrooms and spotted the hawk, s/he flew in short flights further away until finally hiding from view in a tree. After our 20 minute break, we returned to the classroom and our spelling books.

Years from now will these kids remember what a closed syllable is? Probably not. Will they remember the day they stood outside in the warm, fall sunshine and traded stares with a wild hawk? I hope so.


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