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Two Months Later

Who would have thought that two months later the hand would look the same?

July 15

September 22

A simple slip on some river rocks in Idaho resulted in a broken arm in July. Unfortunately my local clinic told me I had only sprained it so I walked around for four weeks until a hand doctor informed me differently. It was too late for a cast at that point. Then more bad luck as a week later the thumb tendon ruptured from rubbing back and forth over the break or mendng scar tissue. I could no longer lift my thmb and I quickly learned how valuable that digit is. Yep, it was the old lesson of "You don't realize how important something is until you lose it."

Yesterday I had surgery to replace the damaged tendon and voila!... back to bulky bandages.

An unfortnate series of events, yes, but when I think and look back at the photos of our trip...it was worth it.




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