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It's that time of year again.

I see you nodding your head in agreement, "Yep, the shopping, the parties, the eating, the drinking, the baking."


"End of the semester and report writing?"

Wrong again. No, it's football season and Tuesday morning, meaning I stayed up to watch Monday Night Football...all of it. What a game it was!

Last night the Patriots played the Baltimore Ravens and there was so much hype regarding the Pats 11-0 season and whether the Ravens would keep New England from being the fist team since the '72 Miami Dolphins to end up with an undefeated season that I thought I'd throw up, give up, and go to bed. (Sometimes those announcers really haven't got much to say.) Thankfully (I think) I did not.

Again, what a game! The Ravens had nothing to lose and everything to gain and they played their hearts out. They led the entire game and the Patriots played catch up all night. In the last quarter the Ravens were ahead 24-20. Now, we all know the last quarter is where Tom Brady shines, yet it was the break down in discipline (along with Brady's cool, determined 73-yard drive) that allowed the Patriots to score another touchdown with 50 seconds left.

And, as if that weren't excitement enough, in 40 seconds the Ravens quarterback got his team down the field (after 35 yards worth of penalties assessed on the opening kickoff for their unsportsmanlike conduct) and, with 4 seconds remaining, threw a Hail Mary that was caught at the 1-yard line! But with four Pats to stop the forward movement of the ball, the game was over....Pats over the Ravens 27-24.

I have to admit, I'm happy the Patriots won but up until those last few minutes, it was the Ravens' game all the way.

At any rate, here I am at school, tired, drinking coffee, and thinking about those reports I should have been doing......and glad I stayed up to watch.


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