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February 3, 2008


I LOVE THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 5, 2008

Just Dandy

How can this week get any better? First the Giants win the Super Bowl and then I find a horse!

Look who is joining the McCurdy Clan! Nine months after losing Aggie, I have finally found a new buddy....Dandy (which, by the way, was what we called my maternal Grandfather). The new Dandy is a sweetie pie and good looking to boot.




I can't wait to get my new baby home. Yep, life here on the farm is Just Dandy! Come by to see our new boy.

February 13, 2008

Why I Love My Job

February 12 was Abraham Lincoln's birthday and to celebrate, the third graders made these log cabins out of chocolate frosting, pretzels, graham crackers and wheat thins (thank you, Martha Stewart). And, I might add, that licking our fingers and "doing away with" the chocolate frosting was fun, too!



P.s. The foundation for the structure? An orange juice container!

February 14, 2008

Thank You, Google!

It's February 14 and when I went to "google" something today, I discovered this:


I must say, the fact that some graphic designer chose two elderly people to represent the "day of love" took me by surprise. Most people associate Valentine's Day with bright new, budding love. They think of dark red hearts filled with rich chocolates, roses by the dozen, of beautiful young people exhibiting the exuberance, passion and expectations of wondrous things to come.

If we are fortunate, we do get all those things and there is nothing like it. But even more wonderful is the looking back on love, it's evolution, it's changes, the savoring of memories (good and bad) created only after years of loving someone. Next week is our 31st anniversay, far fewer years than the couple above has had. John and I have some years to go before we resemble them but I can look forward to becoming them. And, in my old age, to walking on this beach with my Valentine.....just as we did 31 years ago on our honeymoon.

Happy anniversary, John...Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone....and thank you, Google.

February 24, 2008


This February, we were teased with some hopeful signs of early spring - snowdrops in warm patches of earth, the sitings of robins, and increased music of newly-arrived birds (even on some chilly mornings). This past Friday, winter reminded us that it is still February. Even our "global" friend was disappointed:


Today is a beautiful Sunday morning with the morning sun casting diamond sparkles on the snow, but it is also 17 degrees.



If it hadn't been for the snowstorm on Friday, this barn would be housing my new horse

Barring any other storms, Dandy will hopefully arrive on February 29!

And Julia, as for your cottage, it will look more inviting than this in June!


I have to keep remembering, the first day of spring is only four weeks away.


Last week, John, Julie, Dave and I attended a fund-raiser for BRAYCE, an organization that brings underprivileged young people already in established programs in Rio de Janeiro to Camp Hazen in Connecticut, where they enhance their life and leadership skills before returning to apply them on projects in their own communities. We had a blast dancing the samba but the requirement of a mask was the fun part.

Terry Schreiber had a dinner ahead of time. I had great expectations of wearing a glamorous mask, like my two friends, but of course saw this chicken mask and had to have it.

Marion, Helen and yours truly

Mary Devins and John

Kathy, Jeff and Mary

then it was on to the party. Julie and Dave made their masks. Julie's was gorgeous! Dave's was spooky as you couldn't tell if he was smiling or scowling. And after several photos, I finally realized I did not have to smile for the camera!


February 29, 2008

Dandy's Arrival!

My new boy is here! Here he is arriving home:


We walk around to introcude him to his new home.


Yes....I am happy.

We check out the chickens....

Have a chat on who goes first....

while the others look on.

We even check out field three.

Next the three horses check out each other.

Dandy meets his new barnmates, Willy and Oreo:


Dandy and Oreo check out noises from across the pond.

Dandy has been here about three and a half hours and all seems to be well. The vet came to check him out and loved him! Dandy continues to settle in.


Why is it some just can't help but blink when they have their photo taken?

Stay tuned for updates!

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