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I've been impressed with Julie's new hobby, or should I say passion. When she and Dave bought their house a year ago, it had a crumbling retaining wall in their front yeard. Julie decided to rebuild it and got some advice from a freind who is a wall builder and horticulturist. Then she was off and running.......

Nearing the end.

Memorial Day weekend she attended a walling workshop at Mohonk with approximately a dozen other people.

Julie and master wall builder Dan Snow

The final project

Needless to say, she came back with renewed enthusiasm (not that she lost any along the way) and voila!

Almost done!

And where does the "Lucky Us" title come in? Julie does not want to be without a project and has asked to rebuild a "farmer's" wall at Thirsty Boots. She'll use it as a learning project and who knows....perhaps I may add a stone or two.

She's already started....

Here's the wall she'll be working on.

First she dismantled the wall.

She found some rocks underneath that need to stay where they are.

Here are the rocks waiting to be put back. Julie will sort them into different piles before beginning.

So here we go.

I'll keep you posted on her progress.


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