CAMERON ACHESON THOMPSON April 15, 1952 - September 26, 2008



On Friday, September 26, at age 56, Cameron died of a heart attack while in bed reading a book. He was found by Geoffrey. Cameron had recently spoken to Jonathan and had also been with friends that Wednesday night. Kimberley noted that nothing Cameron had next to him on the bed was disturbed, so it appears he left us peacefully and in his sleep.

Cameron had his ups and downs in life; he had some successes and perhaps more than his share of disappointments. He had some excesses and challenges that he found difficult to overcome. In the end, his heart just gave out.

It is upon Cameron's heart that I want to focus.

Cameron had a "big" heart. At the core of his very being, in his soul, Cameron was a charming, generous, funny, loving, caring, kind, nice person. Many considered him a "nice guy."

Family was important to him, not only his own but Yvonne Stammler's as well. Cameron loved Yvonne, her daughter Leah, Leah's husband Michael Rezza and he delighted in their two children Tristan and Morgan. Leah says he called Tristan daily.

He loved his siblings, and reveled in being "Uncle Ebenezer" (the persona of the grouchy old uncle) to his nieces, Marnie, Lindsay, Julia, Heather, Marina, and one nephew Patrick, as well as his great nieces and nephews - Lindsay, Katie, Isabelle, Alex and Jamie.

Cameron's friends were extremely important to him and he was fiercely loyal to them. He would do anything for anybody without a second thought, including give you the proverbial "shirt off his back." In return, people loved Cameron. And while he sometimes might have disappointed us, we never gave up on him because we loved him.

In short, Cameron had a heart that was big enough for all of us to fit into.

We will remember Cameron as a cheerful, endearing little boy who learned to "read" The Plant Sitter by Gene Zion. We will remember him as "giggledee-ga." We will remember his Browning days, Deerfield days, his graduations from Wooster Academy, Trinity College and The Old Vic Theatre School. We will remember The Big Apple Circus. We will remember him on New Year's Eve at 72nd Street and Park Avenue. We will remember his fondness for cats. We will remember him with little children on his lap. We will remember him at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. And more recently, we will remember his happiness at Patrick and Chrissy's wedding in June. At that time he told Chrissy how peaceful Cranwell was and how he had chosen a favorite place on a wall where he could sit and look out at the Berkshire Mountains. I saw him on that wall and that is a thought that comforts me.

Rehearsal dinner

Happy family, less Kim and Julie, Patrick, Chrissy and Heather. I particularly like this photo as the look on his face reminds me of him as a little boy.

Cameron's physical heart stopped September 26, but the body and soul of this man could not be stopped. Instead his spiritual heart, with our own personal spaces, scattered like autumn leaves and dispersed that Friday to join all our hearts. Cameron's heart and soul will remain within us always. We will not be able to forget him.

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Howard Potter:

Dear Kathy,
Ever since receiving this terrible news I have been in shock. I loved Cameron. He was one of the good guys on this planet. He was so kind and sensitive and so smart and fun to be with. I will always remember his smiling face. I can’t believe this has happened. I have literally been numb since hearing this.
My love to all of you. Wish we weren’t all so separated! Howard

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