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Innocent, happy days...


Cameron was a sweetheart and I am struggling with the reality of his death.

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Margaret Potter:

That is the most beautiful photo!

When Howard saw it, he said, " I remember when they looked like that, I can see them looking like that."

I know this is so hard for all of you -- the four of you. I have lost a sibling before her time and so I know. And Kath -- you and I are heading toward a big birthday. Yours on November 5th. With you younger brother's service the day before -- that will be rough, really rough, so I feel for you.

I remember, in 2005 when Howard, your cousin, was hospitalized for a DVT, you called me on your birthday, November 5th,(Granny -- Ruth Thompson Potter's birthday) you called me in the middle of your own party to see how I was doing!

That is the calibre of Kathleen Thompson McCurdy--- I just love the girl!

You hang in there, Kathy!
And again -- Howie just loved Cameron!

Margret Quinn Potter

Marietta Whittlesey:

Kathy-- Thank you so much for putting together those photos and writing such a lovely eulogy for CAT. Although I hadn't seen much of him in recent years, he will always be in my heart along with wonderful memories of Central Valley and our trip to Colombia along with many other less peak experiences. I will see you at the memorial. Much love to all, Marietta

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