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This has been a busy week at school, and a rewarding one for me.

All students (from grades 1-8) have been participating in the annual MacLane poetry recitation, a 54-year tradition. Our third graders did a beautiful job and I was full of enormous pride for one of my students in particular. Upon stepping up to the microphone, nerves overtook one child and she descended into a fit of the giggles. As her fellow students joined in, her uncontrollable giggles turned into horrified sobs. She covered her face with both hands and burst into tears. We told her she could try again after the rest of the class and so she sat, on stage, struggling to compose herself as the remainder of the class proceeded with their recitations. She didn't have much time...only three students performed after her and yet she rose, approached the microphone again and in front of almost 150 people, took a deep breath and recited her poem. When she was done, the room erupted with cheers and applause. I will never forget the transformation of her face as she received not only the admiration from the audience but a standing ovation for her heroic effort. And I will always remember the courage this nine-year old child showed. It was a remarkable moment.

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margaret potter:

What a wonderful story!

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