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I May Be in Trouble!

Today I did something I've wanted to do for 30 years. Two years ago when I said this, it resulted in the whole family white water rafting down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and I even took the Gourmet article I had read in the '80s to show our guides.

Today Julie and I took a road trip to Norwich, Vermont (well, Wilder actually) to visit Stave Puzzles.


Stave Puzzles was started back in 1974 by Steve and Dave, hence Stave, who decided to they wanted to do something different with their lives and so started a small game company. When a man called one day asking if they made wooden puzzles, they decided to give that a try (check out the Stave timeline). After a year, Steve bought out Dave, kept designing and jigsawing and voila. Stave puzzles have been made for Presidents, the Queen of England, heads of corporations as well as for "we, the little people."

Now, I first learned about Stave in one of those small, intriguing ads at the back of The New Yorker magazine around 1978. The ad was for wooden jigsaw puzzles which I loved. Unfortunately the puzzles were quite pricey and having just had our first child, I decided to wait.

Well, I've never forgotten about Stave puzzles and from time to time I've checked in on their website, envious of any and everyone who could own these gems.

Hole in One

That brings me to today's road trip. Julie and I headed up to Wilder, Vermont for a tour of Stave Puzzles and a first hand look at their teaser puzzles. As I explained my New Yorker story to our tour guide, Julie commented, "It takes her a while to get around to things."

We had a great visit, saw fabulous puzzles, and learned how these beautiful treasures are created. Take a look below for your own "tour."

So what was the outcome of today road trip? Well, I took advantage of Stave's "Whacky Deals" and purchased my first Stave puzzles!

Come for the weekend and fit all the cats into the ball of yarn....


or all the animals into the woods.



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