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Mom, Is That You?

So Julie and I were sitting on the upper lawn today with the ducklings when we noticed that a male and female Mallard were walking to the upper lawn from the pond. Coincidence?

Perhaps, but we decided to see if the ducklings would go to the ducks. As we stood and slowly walked to the pond, the ducks retreated to the water. Amelia and Pepper followed Julie, spotted the ducks and the water and continued on to the pond.

walking to the pond

Julie watched them enter the water

The female came over to check out the ducklings.

Even the drake came over.


Unfortunately the female heard something from across the pond and she and the drake flew away. The ducklings couldn't have cared less. They were having too much fun in the water.

We're taking them out more now and they keep me company when I weed. They are a magnet for predators, however. Sweetie, the shy barn cat came out to fix her beady eyes on them and it's necessary at this point to keep the dogs in the house as Tucker would love to have duck confit.


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