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Back To The Ducks

The ducks were moved in with the chickens and it wasn't ideal. The chickens took to them but also liked their food and therefore relegated the ducklings to the bottom of the pecking order. We therefore moved them into their own stall where they had more room to walk about, no competition for food and a good view of what goes on in the barn.

I still feel a little guilty about having them "cooped" up so I still make time to take them out for several walks and swims about during the day.

Fourth of July weekend was a real treat for them as Heather, George, George's daughter Lily, Julie, and Heather's friend Alison came for a visit. It was a beautiful day to sit by the pool so that is where we took the ducks. Some people swim with sharks. We prefer ducks!

Checking out this new body of water

I can do this!

Lily with the ducks

Taking a rest with Heather on the raft

Taking a rest with Julie

Soaking up the sun

Lily loved the ducks

More time with Julie

Time with Alison

Enjoying the water

Diving for a cherry

Giving it another try

And at the end of the day.......

...it's back to the pond.


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