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Day Trip

Summer is a great time for visiting faraway friends or taking short day trips to fun destinations. Last week we got the best of both worlds by driving to Windham, NY. There we stayed with our long-time friends John and Lynn Adams who had rented a condo in Windham to visit their son, daughter-in-law, and their new business venture - Cave Mountain Brewing Company. Tim Adams has worked for years as a chef but has always been interested in brewing beer. What better to do than join his two passions into a business, which he has done .

Cave Mountain Brewing Company is a wonderful restaurant where you can not only sample his many wonderful microbrews but actually see the beer being brewed. Tim's old-world/hand-crafted/small-batch theme produces some wonderful tasting beer.

Windham is a small skiing town in the Catskills of about 1700 people. On summer weekends and in the winter, it swells to many thousand more. The main street of restaurants, real estate agents, shops, and galleries is about half a mile long and invites the age old comment, "Don't blink or you'll miss it."

Here we are about to go in.

Inside in front of the carved sign

Tim, John Mc., John A., Lynn, Kathy

Setting up for the evening...yes, they serve bottled beer also.

At one end of the bar, homemade blueberry shots and I got the recipe!

At the other end, the brewing kettles.

Chris, a chemical engineer, loving his job of stirring up magical brews.

A special edition...perhaps for the jalapeno version?

The "beer" men talk.

Tim gave us a tour of the basement.

The various bags of malt from the U.S. and Europe


Heading toward the taps

The beer theme is carries over into the bathrooms... men's and ....


Tim expanded into the space next door when it became available. Lynn stands in front of the seating area where you can sample a beer while waiting for your table.

This shows the front of the seating area where you can eat and, when a band is playing as it was when we were there, dance!

Then it's time for some beer.

The taps


Some food

Some Cave Mountain gear

We were so impressed by the beer though that we decided to purchase some for our August party.

Lynn sampling the jalapeno lager while my growlers were being filled.

We all had to have some.

All set to go for the party. I ended up with 7 growlers for our taste testing of Cave Mountain brews. Come join us for the best taste of:

American Blonde Ale, English Nut Brown Ale, Oatmeal Stout, German Hefeweizen, Centennial IPA, Pal Ale, and seasonal Jalapeno brew

You will not be disappointed!

And if you can't make the August party, plan a ski weekend at Windham and head to ave Mountain Brewing Company for your food and beverage.

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Lynn & John Adams:

K & J...We were so happy to be with you in Windham. Enjoy those brews at your tasting party! Great job on your blog, Kathy. We've shared it with many...terric PR job.xoxoxox L AND J

Great post Mom!!! That looks like a really fun place. You did a great job covering everything; it should be a tourist's pamphlet.

Tim Adams:

We are honored to be a part of your blog. What a great time we had in July and in September with all of us together. Thanks again for the wonderful gifts and breweriana!!!! It's praise like this that makes the hard work worth it.

With love,
Tim and Amber

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