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It's Not All About Ducks!

Not everything here at Thirsty Boots Farm is about the ducks (although almost everything is). A pair of bank swallows (I think) have made their nest right by our entry door (not very smart). Everytime we go in or out, Mom or Dad get spooked and fly off of the nest. One day I left the screen door ajar and the next thing I knew I was trying to escort the female out of my kitchen!

At any rate, here are her babies. You can only see three but there are four crammed into the little nest. We're a little worried about when they learn how to fly. The bricks seven feet below the nest will not make for a soft landing. Also Tucker is definitely a bird dog and can sniff out vulnerable birds. We'll have to be careful when they do fledge.

The nest

Up close view of the inhabitants


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