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Two Visitors

This week we had two visitors to Thirsty Boots. Both arrived on Monday.

The first was Joan McDermott, John's mother's good friend who lives in Cape Cod. Joan is remarkable and I hope to be like her when I grow up! At 84, she drives all over to visit the people she loves. She is a great guest and arrives with all sorts of goodies to spoil you.

We fun with Joan. Tuesday we drove to the end of Rt 148 and took the 5 minute ride on the ferry across the Connecticut River to show her Gillette's Castle. It was a gorgeous day and we got there before the crowds.

For those of you not familiar with Gillette's Castle, it was a retirement home built in the early 1900s by the actor William Gillette, famous for creating the Sherlock Holmes character for the stage.

The man loved stone!

William Gillette loved cats. Note the two at the top of "Grand Central Station" where his small train brought weekend guests (who arrived by the boat) up from the river.

We had fun with Joan who returned home after her two-day visit.

Our second "guest" was our first foster pet, Lucky the poodle. A former Emma Willard classmate works for an organization called Safe Pet which places pets in foster care so their owners can get out of abusive situations or can get the medical help they may need. Lucky fits this last category. His elderly owner fell and will require rehabilitative care for a while. Lucky is fourteen, hard of hearing and has cataracts, but he is cute, smart and friendly.

Lucky on his first day here

I swear he's smiling.

Everyone still has their place on the couch.

Lucky continues to delight us. We are discovering the many ways he was spoiled by his owner. He likes human food and is always underfoot when we're preparing food in the kitchen. Well, guess there's nothing new there. So are my dogs, Tucker and Lady. Lucky also likes being hand fed. Hmmm.....we'll work to change that one! And then there is the separation anxiety he has a night. After three nights on the couch in the den, I discovered the miracle of melatonin. Lucky got his first pill last night and slept through the night. The excitement I felt was equal to how I felt when I had babies!

Lucky is a cute little dog. An apartment animal, he is delighting in all the new things here at Thirsty Boots. He discovered swimming pools are not good to walk on (tried to follow me when I got on a float the other day). He walks right on by the chickens as though he has lived with them all his life and has no fear of the horses. I have to watch he doesn't get underfoot. He could care less about Jay Blue, the cat, and he and the dogs are getting along just fine. In fact, Lucky gets along with everyone.

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Lucky is a lucky dog to be staying at Thirsty Boots Farm! I love the picture of him smiling! How are the ducks doing?

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