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Edward Rapp August 20, 1918 - January 10, 2014


It is with some sadness I announce that Ed Rapp died last night, January 10, 2014 at the age of 96.

All will be sad but I cannot help but marvel at what Uncle Ed did with his life. He lived it just the way he and his wife Laura wanted to. Both couldn't sit still for very long and the many jobs they had and houses they renovated took them on many adventures and to many countries around the world.

He was a terrific writer. He had a sharp mind, a quick wit, terrific sense of humor right up to the end. His daughter Elna siad just last week he was talking withher about New York's Mayor DeBasio. Uncle Ed lived for almost a century. If you had a conversation with him, you knew he was talking from first hand experience.

Uncle Ed's politics are mine were at opposite ends of the spectrum, he a fierce liberal and I more conservative. He sent continuous "Letters to the Editor" to many newspapers but especially to the New York Times (which he read everyday) and the Washington Post. When he mentioned to me six years ago that he actually got a letter in return.....asking him to stop sending letters, I suggested he write a blog. And so this website where he could air/vent his opinions was established.

And so he continued to write....over 1400 posts which he entered here. Until I figure out how to get them off this blog and saved on a disc, I will continue to support this page. Take some time to read some of his opinions. he had a knack for taking an issue and reporting on it in a few paragraphs. I always loved his closing lines.

Yes, he will be missed but I can't be too sad. What an extraordinary life he lived with Laura and his children Elna, Cammy, and Tim. I'm so grateful for the decision I made 15 years ago to help Laura and him drive their Airstream cross country from Nashville to Laramie. Many stories were told but I was reconnected with a unique and remarkable person.

I was fortunate.

Kathy Thompson McCurdy

Ed and Cammy

Ed and Elna

Ed and I


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