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Dear Tucker,

Thank you for not being awake that day I first saw you in that little mass of puppies. The kids wanted the white-faced one that was asleep. Thank you for standing against the fence and showing me your freckles.


Thank you for adopting Lady as your mom when we brought you home. That was smart...chewing on her ears wasn't.


Thank you for all the flowers you returned to me after I planted them. Thank you for eating my tomatoes off the vine. I knew someone would appreciate my efforts in the garden. Thank you for ridding our lawn of all those moles. Did you notice after all those trenches you dug, they moved elsewhere? And how did you know I loved frogs legs? Not to worry, how could you know I preferred them on a plate and not hanging out of your mouth? Thank you for keeping my chickens in line.

Thank you for loving my children and grandchildren. Thank you for sitting in laps.
Thank you for encouraging me to keep up during your agility course. Thank you for ignoring those who called you an idiot….you and I really knew who was the smart one. Thank you for letting me run my finger up your forehead between your eyes, over and over. Thank you for your velvet ears that I could stroke forever and ever.


Thank you for your laps around the house whenever my car came down the driveway. Thank you for walking (or was it wiggling?) sideways to greet me and every other friend that came to the house. Thank you for wagging your tail at super speed. Thank you for being so kind and never growling at anyone. Thank you for welcoming every rescue I brought into the house – 14-year-old Lucky (who just like to sit),


Toot, Puddles


and Harvey.


You looked upon each of them not a competitor or an annoyance but as a new friend to play with.

Thank you for playing and staying young for 13 years. Thank you for keeping my feet warm when I lay on the couch to watch football. Thank you for letting Thomas hug you and not budging when he wanted to lie on you. Thank you for coming to us when you felt sick. Thank you for trusting that we would take care of you. Thank you for your last lick today. I love you too, and that meant so much to me. Thank you for being such a d--- good dog….Thomas’ Tuckah.


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