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November 7, 2006

Election Day


What an exciting day! Why? Because the Democrats will gain seats in the House and Senate? Because the Republicans will hold them off? is the day when all those outrageous, uninformative, nasty, negative ads will STOP! I can't wait! I've actually been thinking about running on the ticket "If You Haven't Got Anything Nice to Say..." (you know the rest.) I wonder how I'd're probably right...not well at all.

I did stop off at my local polls today and on an up note, it is truly a wonderous and exciting thing to watch people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexes entering and exiting the building, all on a equal level, to exercise their rights as Americans (almost said "God-Given" rights but, Lord, wouldn't want to offend anyone. Hmmm, how am I doing?).

Oh, well. Back to teaching where I do have an opportunity to exercise and teach the values of right and wrong, and to fill the kids in on how this country runs. And, was I surprised this morning when in my discussion of the purpose of the House of Representatives and the Senate one of my third graders stated, "My mom told me it's called 'something' and balances so that if George Bush does anything really stupid, the House or the Senate can say, "You can't do that." Hmmmm...out of the mouths... So today the kids know a little more than they did yesterday and tomorrow they'll get extra credit if they can tell me who won our more hotly contested races. Stay tuned.

Go vote today. Your "voice" does matter and who knows, your candidate just might make it to Washington (do we really want to do that to someone?).

January 26, 2007

Bad Grammar Drives Me Mad

Doesn't improper English drive you crazy?

I know a lot has been written about improper grammar on tv in both programming and commercials. There are "watchdogs" who keep track of it and complain to someone or somewhere, however it doesn't make any difference. Nothing changes. Ad companies are more into selling thier products and grabbing your attention to get their message across than they are teaching grammar, but when people who should know better mutilate the English language, I want to scream.

Tonight I heard a promo for "60 Minutes," the Sunday evening news program on CBS. Morley Safer was talking about his upcoming interview and stated that he had never met anyone "as brilliant as him." As "him?" Morley Safer!? As Charlie Brown would say, "Argh!"

So here it is...For those of you who don't know the trick for choosing the correct pronoun (and Mr. Safer, I hope you are reading this), just complete the sentence with the verb that would come after the pronoun. For example, you would say, "I don't know anyone as brilliant as he is," not "as brilliant as him is."

And for that, I thank my mom.....and hopefully, all my little third graders, to whom I pass along this little trick, will one day thank me also.

February 19, 2007

A Happy 30th Anniversary!

Well weeks of anticipation and trying not to "spill the beans" on the surprise weekend for John is over.

Saturday morning we headed off for the surprise destination. In the car John finally learned we were going to New York City. Up to that point all he knew was that he needed a suit, ties, clean shirts, no jeans, bathing suit or "clear one-quart size" plastic bags. His thoughts about our mystery destination? By Saturday morning he was convinced because of the dress code and the departure time, we were headed to Baltimore to visit his best man and wife - Carroll and Marion Bodie. For me, this was a reassuring sign since I had asked Carroll and Marion to join us in New York.

Our first stop in the city was East 80th Street so John could see Patrick's apartment. We were fortunate enough to find a parking space (even in the unplowed snow) in front of Patrick's apartment and so the decision was made to leave it there for the weekend. After a great visit with Patrick, the three of us headed downtown to the University Club - Patrick for a workout, John and I to check into the room Pat had arranged for us.

And what a beautfiul club it is. I took these photos before seeing the sign that said "No photos please." With apologies.

Entering the library.

You can climb these stairs and they take you to a small walkway (look upper left) so you can choose books high up.




Wish I could have taken some of the glorious marble columned entrance hall and the large beautiful reading room with 20 foot ceilings and windows that look out on Fifth Avenue, complete with sleeping gentleman with newspaper in club chair!

We then took a liesurely walk down to Times Square where the plan was to have lunch at Sardi's before the 2:00 Spamalot performance.

Rockefeller Center

John and Prometheus.

We discovered we were surrounded by hundreds of tourists willing to take our picture together.

We walked through 30 Rock where almost 50 years ago John was a studio page.

Times Square and taking pictures like we've never been to NYC before!

Spamalot was right across the street from Sardi's.

What John did not know about lunch was that Cousin Tom and Patsy (who were in the city for a reunion with friends) were also going to Spamalot and were waiting for us.


After the show it was back to the University Club where we changed for our 6:00 drink at the St. Regis. This was all part of my plan as the Bodies were to meet us there, just as they had 30 years ago when John and I were having dinner after our wedding. Earlier in the day when John saw the St. Regis was right across the street, he suggested we have a drink in the King Cole Bar....PERFECT!

St Regis right across the street!

And here is where the photos stop. There are just some places where pulling out a camera becomes a little tacky. The St. Regis is beautiful and the Bodies arrived to surprise John about 10 minutes after we did. We had our drinks and then grabbed a taxi to L'Impero in Tudor City where we enjoyed a spectacular dinner. After that it was off to the Pierre for a nightcap.

Sunday morning was the last surpise for John - brunch at the Parker Meridien on West 57th hosted by Patrick. The only thing missing was Chrissy who was with her family in Massachusetts.

It was a great weekend and was a little sad when it ended. Guess we'll just have to do it again and this time not wait 30 years!

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